Highlights of the Super Bowl

  • I was hoping the Baltimore Ravens would win so it was a good game from my perspective. I’m not particularly a Ravens fan but I liked their date with destiny.
  • I lost a friend to ALS so I was happy that OJ Brigance, suffering from the vicious disease, got another Super Bowl, this time as the team’s director of player development and the spiritual leader of the Ravens.
  • The emotional meeting of the two coaching brothers on the field after that game: John just won the biggest game of his career and Jim just had his heart ripped out.
  • Ray Lewis’ story of redemption after a guilty plea for obstruction of justice during a murder trial is too good to ignore. Lewis turned his life around. He became heavily involved in charity work and founded a foundation to help disadvantaged youth. Along with Brigance, he was the emotional leader of this Ravens team and his faith in their fate was extraordinary. With four chances for the 49ers to score from the Ravens five-yard line last night, Lewis told his defensive mates that they could hold the line and they did.
  • Loved the image of Ravens defensive back Chykie Brown on the ground making a snow angel out of all of the ticker tape after the game.
  • The guts of Joe Flacco throughout the game but especially with inches and third and he gets a 15-yard completion to Anquan Boldin. The sheer athleticism of the play, including Boldin’s I-got-this grab as San Fran’s Carlos Rogers was all over him. Boldin out-jumped Rogers in what I thought to myself at the time, was the play of the game. It was at a critical time as the game was close and Baltimore needed more points. The conversion led to a field goal.

What disappointed me, and apparently I’m the only one, was Beyonce’s performance – all flash and dash and no cash. Show me the money, honey ’cause I’m not sure what makes her the greatest entertainer as people are claiming. The backup singers really supplied the depth. Lights, costumes and stomping around distracted enough people, though, into thinking there was something there.

Your take on Beyonce? Or the Super Bowl?

It’s the second week of Super Bowl hype and I’m hyped out

Yes the Super Bowl can be a lot of fun and I’ve been a host for a couple of parties.

But since they switched to two weeks between the semis and the final, I’ve grown weary of hearing about it.

Big news last night – the San Francisco 49ers have arrived in New Orleans, site of the Super Bowl. Wow.

Their every move will be analyzed over and over. How else can you get enough football news to last another week?

Now you can even preview the Super Bowl commercials.

Some people tune in just to watch the commercials – yes really – and now they won’t have to. Isn’t that reducing ratings?

Somehow I’ll have to find a way to tune out the Super Bowl news. That way, I can enjoy the game without feeling like it’s already won or lost in the ratings game, TV spots and newspaper headlines.