Final fear

If she knew that she had mattered,

If she knew that people cared;

It may have saved her soul now battered,

And she could have lived the dreams she dared.

But she only saw the empty looks

Heard curt responses and refrains.

So she turned to poetry and to books

To avoid everyone’s disdain.

And when she could hang on no more

She closed her eyes, shed one last tear

And looked for the other shore

Putting aside her final fear.

When mourners gathered round

She couldn’t believe what they said.

As she looked down upon the ground

The body was buried and scripture read.

‘She was so strong; she was so brave.

She made a difference in my life.

Maybe if I said those things she would have been saved.

And we could still have her close, this mother and this wife.’



Of course Rick DiPietro didn’t plan to kill himself

Have you ever said you felt like jumping off a cliff? Or banging your head against the wall?

Most of us have so why is Islanders’ demoted goalie Rick DiPietro facing a backlash?

It all started when DiPietro, a talented goalie plagued by injury after injury, stated that being demoted by his NHL team felt like “someone ripped out my heart, stuck a knife in it then lit it on fire and flushed it down the toilet.”

Colourful words to be sure, but after being such a star and then watching his career go down the drain, appropriate.

He was asked if he ever felt like giving up.

He replied that “There were times I thought about driving my car into a tree,” DiPietro said. “There’s been a lot of dark times.”

My heart broke for him when I heard those words, but not for a moment did I think, “Oh no. Rick’s going to kill himself.”

But other reporters thought just that. Or did they?

They reported that DiPietro has mental health issues and was contemplating suicide.

Was this only about ratcheting up the story to grab attention as too many journalists do today?

I can’t say for sure but I do know I have used similar phrases to what DiPietro used in moments of frustration. I’m sure most of us have.

With DiPietro already struggling enough, now the  poor guy had to quieten down all the hype and say he never thought of suicide.

Never thought you did either, Rick.

Here’s to better days and seeing you back in the Isles’ uniform.

So what do you say when you’re really frustrated? Remember, kick it clean! Children read this blog.