Manning leaves with stain on his career

As NFL quarterback Peyton Manning retired yesterday from what is a Hall of Fame career, he said he had no regrets.

Of all the things he said at the podium those words jumped out at me.

For Manning, with his “simple guy” act (even channeling Forest Gump at one point), has a stain on his career.

If you don’t know about the sexual assault allegations against him, read this story below.

Instead of honouring a confidentiality agreement in a court settlement, Manning and his father wrote a book smearing the women at the centre of the allegations.

The court documents are pretty damning and yet Manning says he’s leaving with no regrets.

He needs to do the right thing and come clean. Everybody loves their sports heroes – so it’s far easier to overlook his actions or dismiss them – but his are not the actions of a hero.

He got one last stab in with his words  “no regrets,” meaning he will likely never acknowledge the harm he has truly caused.


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