Dealing with an unsympathetic officer on the hated HOV lanes

The Pan-Am Games start today and there has been much talk about the HOV lanes in the Toronto area.

While it is an attempt to get Games folks to their destination quicker, there have been numerous complaints about the lanes.

Unfortunately for my uncle, who is over 65, he needed to use a lane to get out of gridlock.

He was stuck in traffic recently and had to use the washroom. He said it was to the point where it was an emergency.

He exited using the HOV (High Occupancy Vehicle) lane and was soon pulled over.

Although he explained to the officer that he needed to use the washroom quickly, he had to wait while a $110 ticket was issued.

Figuring it was easier to pay it, he only found out after payment, that he was also slapped with three demerit points.

Now, since he is over 65, the loss of those points, means he also loses his AZ class driver’s licence.

His lawyer told him there was nothing he can do about it except go through all the testing again in the next month, including an eye exam, written test and driving test.

How did an emergency situation turn into the loss of a driver’s licence? And why didn’t the police officer tell him he would also be issued demerit points.

An MTO staff member told him that there are problems with the HOV lanes for those facing emergencies.

My uncle also wonders why only seniors lose their AZ licences with demerit points. He spends a lot of times of the road. His record is clean. Discrimination?

Do you know anyone who is run into problems on the HOV lanes?


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