Thinking about our freedom

canada day 2015


Happy Canada Day to all.

We spent our day at the Stratford Festival, enjoying the Sound of Music.

The singing is beautiful. There are many moving moments of music in the production. Mother Abbess, Anita Krause, has a voice of both power and sweetness.

I particularly enjoyed Edelweiss, sung by Ben Carlson as Captain von Trapp, as the family is facing the loss of their father because the Nazis are demanding he join their navy. As he sings “Bless my homeland forever,” I thought about Canada and the many freedoms and blessings we enjoy here.

What is the most important privilege we have as Canadians?





4 thoughts on “Thinking about our freedom

  1. A tradition of voluntary military service is indeed a privilege.
    Re that Port Arthur/Thunder Bay historic plaque you pictured and the little known French woman, Mme. Guerin,a researcher in England has been studying her life and just opened a Facebook to share some of her findings. Would you like a Link ?

    This is England-based, about how Canada led the way in the tradition of poppy
    replica as donor Tag, and Lapel symbol of our mourning and remembrance of our
    military Fallen, and then ongoing look at who was this mysterious foreigner whose
    concept is carried on still today ?
    Kathy, your willingness to post an image of the Legion plaque in the Thunder Bay hotel
    on your Blog was a tremendous help in ‘breaking’ this story in a dedicated Facebook.
    Many thanks…

  3. Beware of sharing Facebook’s plaque image, it’s not the one you used.
    Sadly this image has a commercial embedded in it, exploiting the plaque owners.
    Not sure the overseas FB Host realizes that there are alternative images, freely shared.

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