Latest book out in Castle Lake series by local author

Woodstock writer Tom Ryerson has completed a new book.

It’s called Castle Lake Grave Reckoning and is the third book in his Castle Lake series.

Here is a description of the book:

In the first volume of Castle Lake, sixteen year old Alicia Murdock fought and conquered the evil spirit of William Fick with the help of her family, and narrowly survived.

In this brand new volume however, the odds are stacked wickedly against her. The spirit of William’s daughter, Lorra Anne is out for pure vengeance, and Alicia is fighting for her life at the Girl’s Academy of Learning in Landmark. It’s just her, her wits, and the help of a new friend pitted against the dark forces of black magic. Will seventeen year old Alicia Murdock live past October 28th 1889?

I have interviewed Ryerson in the past and he always keeps me informed of what he’s up to.

Ryerson will be doing a reading on Sunday, May 3 in Port Dover at the Authors’ Book Fair there.

His scheduled time is 1 p.m.

If you’re out for a drive on Sunday – it’s supposed to be a beautiful day – stop in to Port Dover and see Tom.

The fair is at Lakewood Elementary School, which is in the same building as the Norfolk County Public Library, 713 St. George St.

Here’s more information about the book fair:


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