Music uplifts, inspires and transcends time


After 20 years of waiting to see country superstar Garth Brooks perform, I get my chance tonight.

Known as a superlative entertainer, Brooks was able to generate enough interest to hold six concerts in Detroit!

His energy, sincerity and love of entertaining have people scrambling to get tickets wherever he plays.

At last Saturday night’s concert – which was a rare 10:30 start due to the fact he played a concert earlier that evening – he was on stage until 2 a.m.

Twitter has been buzzing about his concerts all week.

The song that really shot Brooks to fame was his 1990s hit Friends in Low Places.

For me and my friends, that was a time in our lives in which we were bustling to get ahead in life.

Friends in Low Places became an anthem for a generation studying hard, then trying to find a job in a recession. There was post-secondary education and bills. Trying to figure out what you wanted to do and who you wanted to be.

We didn’t have a lot of clout or influence and Brooks nailed our feelings with this single.

One of my baseball teammates loves the song Glory Days by Bruce Springsteen, which is about the singer’s friend who was an amazing ball player. She says it makes her get all “tingly” whenever she hears it.

Music has a way of evoking strong memories that transcend time: That dance with your boyfriend; the trip to Florida; your first car with a radio that blasted the tunes.

Love to hear about a song that awakens a memory for you that will never fade.




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