Request to save tabs off cans

I received an interesting call on the CTV London tip line this past weekend.

The voice on the other end was deep and a bit hoarse.

The man identified himself as an alcoholic.

He said he makes many trips to the beer store and saves the tabs on the cans to help a six-year-old boy get a wheelchair.

He wanted me to publicize this in the hope that others would save their can tabs, including from pop.

We save the tabs in our house. My children’s school collects the tabs to help another boy, 17-year-old Christian. He has cerebral palsy and the tabs go toward helping him get a wheelchair.

There is a photo of Christian in the school and a place to drop off your tabs. Many schools are doing this. We were at St. Anne’s school in St. Thomas yesterday and we saw the same photo of Christian.

Here’s more information about the program from the March of Dimes.

So I am making people aware of this project. While it won’t make the 6 o’clock news, I have spread the word for the man who called.


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