The end of a tragic case

Adelaide home

The case of a young man killed after being stabbed on the porch of this Adelaide Street home in May 2012, finally made its way through the courts Tuesday.

Perry Eggett Jr. pleaded guilty to manslaughter. He was charged with second-degree murder in the stabbing death of Jared McKnight, 19.

This is a case I followed as I came upon the scene on that last day of May, almost three years ago.

I broke the news that Eggett was charged.

I talked to people at the scene, took photos and heard when a text came in that Jared had died in the hospital, shortly after arriving there.

As I waited, a police officer talked to Eggett’s father, also named Perry Eggett. He was originally arrested. The police officer told him that happened because he has the same name as his son and that’s how I discovered the perpetrator as I had earlier interviewed Perry Eggett Sr. and he had given me his name.

Jared’s mother has left comments on this blog about the case. She told me that Jared’s father’s health deteriorated after his son’s death. He would die of cancer and not live to see the end result.

Two months after the death, a tribute continued on the lawn of the home Jared shared with his father and brother on Adelaide, a few doors down from where the stabbing occurred. Jared had stumbled to his home and collapsed before being taken away by ambulance. (As if the house is now cursed, a couple of months ago, it was also the scene of another fatal stabbing).

I saw a man, perhaps Jared’s father, tending to the flowers and stuffed animals. It was heartbreaking.

Here is that blog post:

Jared’s mother has counted the months and days since her son died.

This is what she wrote on Facebook after the guilty plea to a reduced charge: “What little faith I have held on to for the last 971 days, or 2 years, 7 months and 26 days in the Canadian justice system has pretty much gone out the window.”

The court heard that Eggett thought Jared had fired a BB gun at his cousin and that is why he stabbed him. Apparently, it was Jared’s younger brother who did that after a dispute over money.

Eggett had also been drinking heavily.

A case of mistaken identity that turned fatal.

I continue to think about this family and the life cut short.

adelaide street




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