Organ donation awareness improving

Finally organizers of campaigns for organ donor awareness have finally ditched references to wallet cards.

Even though online registration to be considered for organ donation has been around for a few years, the cards still got mentioned.

Not any more. No reference to them in this story that aired last night on CTV London.

And the station now has a link to the Be A Donor registration site on its station.

Here’s an inspiring story about a runner back in his sport after a liver transplant.


7 thoughts on “Organ donation awareness improving

  1. About time and well done Kathy. Media have been part of the problem for years.
    Let’s hope that Awareness programs will abandon the guilt-giving approach, which suggests all Registrants will be “harvested”.
    Even “Be a Donor” is misleading…it’s not automatic like leaving
    your silver tea set to someone in your will. Many are called – few
    are chosen. There are specific conditions for suggesting reuse including locating a person in need at the time, and it could reassure next-of-kin on both sides of such a situation to know how the system works in advance.

  2. Social Insurance is a federal program whereas the Registries are provincially run aren’t they ? There’s be no automatic interface.
    A box-checked/signed plastic wallet card recording one’s SIN still has the problem of not necessarily being available to any
    “harvesting” authorities if one’s body is being considered as a possible donor, to ask for kin approval.
    What is not clear in all the marketing material is where is the bottleneck of kin being asked and refusing to grant permission ?
    Would an auto-Donor system pick up a much-valued source of material, people underage for Consent – birth to 16 in Ontario.
    Our feeling is that those who are in a position to request consideration of a donation are still too uncomfortable with the idea, and we need to get to their point of diagnosis of a suitable body and understand where they are meeting kin Refusals, and the general grounds for this. That is the marketing target…
    No one in London willing to be interviewed on what actually takes place when an appropriate patient/body presents in a hospital –
    a fundamental requirement for donor eligibility. Die at home, forget it…

  3. ‘No one in London willing to be interviewed on what
    actually takes place when an appropriate patient/body
    presents in hospital’ – Kathy, this was meant as a question…. maybe talk with someone teaching
    “bedside skills” up at Western ? Who evaluates and recommends next-of-kin be approached etc, etc.
    It’s so difficult to picture oneself, or a family member
    otherwise in good health. lying in Intensive Care now
    dying from, eg. injuries resulting fromatraffic accident…
    Remember some institution has to take on the costs
    of recovering reusable material likely to matchable
    with a waiting person in need..

  4. Awareness of success of transplanted donated organs must be pretty high – it’s been going on for decades.
    Public awareness of our Ontario Registry is what needs some work and marketing material promoting action, not just familiarity with the concept. Actually using this valuable. tax-funded initiative.

  5. UPDATE CP story from CTV website – Something positive for a change..
    “Trillium Gift of Life Network”, the provincials agency for organ, tissue and transplant Donations, says there were 265 (completed)donors in 2014, up 18 per cent from 2013. The agency says 3.1 plus million people are Registered as organ donors in the province – more than a quarter of the eligible population.
    (1,500 plus Ontarians are waiting for various organs to become available.)
    -“GofL” agency deals only with donations from dead persons.
    -Living person donations (eg aLiver) are conducted by transplant centres throughout the province.

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