Get some help Adrian, you need it

Green Bay Packers v Minnesota Vikings

Some see the NFL’s decision to punish running back Adrian Peterson with a season suspension without pay as too tough.

It’s not. It’s sending the right message.

Peterson hit his four-year-old with a strap to the point the child had cuts and bruises all over his body, including his genitals.

Nice dad.

Peterson had pleaded no contest to misdemeanor assault after the extensive abuse was brought to light. The NFL found that he showed no remorse for his actions.

Hopefully public authorities continue to monitor the situation. Violence against children is totally unacceptable. It disgusts me what he did. If he can do that to his own child, Peterson surely needs counselling.

And what lesson does hitting children teach them? It teachers them that hitting and assault are OK. If your parent does this, kids will model that behaviour.

The message is not getting through to people that hitting innocent children who have no recourse is reprehensible and must be strongly punished. Tougher laws are also needed.

The NFL got this one right.

Accept your fate Adrian and show some contrition, which you haven’t done yet. Spend your time getting some help.


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