Answers needed about these “group homes”

Following the death this week of a man who was living in an illegal group home, all eyes are on these facilities that suggest they provide care for those living with mental illness and addictions.

On Thursday, another one of these homes on Clarke Road was shut down.

You can take a look inside this home via a CTV London story below.

I have also written a piece for the CTV London website about a mother who was basically cut off from her son after he left hospital care.

He ended up in a home on York Street that was closed in September. He is now living back at home with his parents.

She questions why Regional Mental Health Care would present these homes as an option to people.

Find out more about their story here:

What is the solution?


3 thoughts on “Answers needed about these “group homes”

  1. this is about a post you had a couple years ago about Alan Olimer. I am related to Mel Olimer who lived In New Liskeard. Olimer is rather unusual. Can you share any family info re Alan. I think my grandfather lost a brother in the war. Mel’s family was originally from the Kitchener area and then from up around the Bracebridge area.

  2. Hi Kathryn,
    I remember your grandfather Mel. He was my grandfather Alvin’s brother. Alvin was Allen’s twin.
    Nice to hear from a descendant of Mel’s. Please tell me a bit about your family so I can pass it on to my mother. She was close with her uncles and used to talk about Mel.
    There is information about Allen on the Virtual War Memorial online, a great website. Here’s the link to Allen’s page. I provided some of the information and the photos for the online memorial.
    He was killed by friendly fire.Below are more links to my blog about Alllen.
    Lest we forget.

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