Thank you Robin Williams and Carpe Diem

With a spark of mischievousness and an innocence that never left him, Robin Williams gave hope and laughter to many. It’s so sad that in the end he had none of that hope left for himself.

How do you know someone has attained the status of gifted? When even children can recognize the genius and gravitate to it.

When I told my kids about Williams they were upset. My 10-year-old left the room and went away by himself.

He loved Williams’ movies. We watched Mrs. Doubtfire over and over. We also liked Old Dogs, also starring John Travolta, and Hook.

I enjoyed Williams’ when I was a kid as well in the TV hit  Mork and Mindy. I played Mindy once in a school production.

My favourite drama of all time is Dead Poets Society.  The lesson in that film is one I take with me every day. Carpe Diem.

We were lucky to have Williams among us.

Favorite Robin Williams’ movie or show?



2 thoughts on “Thank you Robin Williams and Carpe Diem

  1. I enjoyed all of Robin Williams work. When asked who is your favourite actor, without hesitation it was always, Robin Williams. I had an opportunity to play the landlady in the Twiddle Plays and I studied Robin Williams character in Mrs. Doubtfire for the part. This is an incredible loss to the world of entertainment and his family. RIP Robin Williams.

  2. Such an amazing talent. I remember always being tired after watching him. His was comedy at a fevered pitch and it was a delightful struggle to keep up. My brain and tummy were always sore.
    But perhaps the thing I loved most was his sometimes sudden innocence. You could hear it almost every time he said “Min'”.

    Carpe Diem, indeed. We’ll miss you Robin.

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