Fontana resigns from office of mayor

Joe Fontana has announced his resignation via a statement from his office.

The statement arrived to me by email this afternoon.

Here it is in full:

Please be advised Mayor Fontana is announcing he will resign as Mayor of London. He will hold a Media Conference on Thursday, June 19, 2014.

Mayor Fontana says, “I am taking this step out of respect for the office of the Mayor, the people of London and our judicial system. Over the next two days I will be speaking with fellow Council members and City staff to ensure a smooth transition for whomever takes the interim Mayor’s position.”

Details regarding time and location of the Media Conference will be provided on Thursday morning by email.

Mayor Fontana will not be taking interviews prior to Thursday.


Was it the right move?

Who should replace him?


2 thoughts on “Fontana resigns from office of mayor

  1. Let’s let the story unfold for itself before we start imposing
    our opinions on how it ought to, at least on this site.
    This is the worst of this recent instant communication era,
    events and facts are drowned out – often by vapid and
    smart aleck comments – before we, residents and electors,
    have time to digest the implications of such a vacancy.
    You are going to the press conference?

  2. Do you think, like the Free Press does, that the
    abdicating mayor owed the media a final scrum?
    Not a bad plan, if that’s what it was, perhaps a
    lawyer idea, to keep them off his back while he
    wrapped up his city hall affairs.
    Be glad when the press enthusiasm for scandal
    dies down and we can get on with the business of
    running the municipality.

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