The Memorial Cup and how it was named

Starting this week I’ll be writing a blog for CTV London about the Memorial Cup.
I’ll post the link soon but it will be found at
I’m excited to cover the Mem Cup again, having done it in 2005 when the London Knights won the CHL championship.
Captain James T. Sutherland donated the Cup to the Ontario Hockey League in 1919, to be awarded to the junior hockey champion in Canada. It was originally dedicated to the memory of OHL hockey players who lost their lives fighting for Canada in World War I.
In 2010, it was rededicated to the memory of all fallen and current Canadian military personnel.
I’m using my blog space today to remember three Canadians, including a Londoner who died while serving Canada overseas in 1944.
Thanks to a reader for providing some information and I’m also sourcing the Colchester Gazette, which published an article last week about a plaque dedicated to the memory of those onboard.
The Canadians were part of a crew on RAF Lancaster UM-K2, serial No. DV 177, which was part of 626 Squadron based at Wickenby in Lincolnshire.
On April 24, 1944, the aircraft took part in a mission to Karlsruhe, Germany.
On the return journey, the Lancaster was attacked by a German intruder and attempted to make an emergency landing at Base Boxted, near Colchester, Essex.
The aircraft was less than a minute from reaching the runway when it went out of control and crashed, killing all of the crew. It was 4:10 a.m. on April 25.
David Seaborn and Michael Heath witnessed the crash as children and worked with history enthusiasts to hold a commemoration service.
The names of the Canadian aircrew were:
*W/O Robert Edgar Hall Cameron, air gunner, Service No. R/116874.
He was the son of Edgar Wilson Hall and Margaret Amanda Hall and the stepson of Alexander Nelson Cameron of London.
*Pilot Officer Murray Langtry McPherson, Service No. J/89285. He was the son of Donald Grant McPherson and Annie Maud McPherson of Myrtle, Man.
*P/O Francis Winburn Gunn, navigator, Service No. J/85972.
He was the son of George Francis and Dorothy Louise Gunn and husband of Mary Elizabeth Gunn of Carrot River, Sask. His wife was known as Molly and he had a daughter named Sharon Patricia.
If anyone has any information about these Canadians, please leave some information on this blog and also share it with Chris Stanfield of Colchester who is compiling information.



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