Chief Justice trying to save time and money

Thanks to Beverley McLachlin who contacted the federal government about problems concerning the possible appointment of Marc Nadon to the Supreme Court.

The issue was not before the courts as Prime Minister Stephen Harper insinuated.

The Conservatives went ahead with their plan to appoint Nadon and it backfired.

He was not eligible.

Time and money was wasted, thanks to the government’s stubbornness.

Now Harper is trying to lay the blame at the feet of McLachlin. Unfortunately for him, there are few in the legal community who take his side on this one.

Thanks to the Chief Justice for trying to save us some expense and time.


One thought on “Chief Justice trying to save time and money

  1. Footnote. She is the widow McLachlin, born Beverley Gietz in Pincher Creek Alberta.
    She married Rory (d c1970), older son of Drs. Angus “Ban” McLachlin of St. Thomas and London,
    and Sheila Gordon McLachlan, dau. Dr.Roderick Gordon of London. Now remarried she is
    Mrs. something else, but the easy professional surname sticks as with Poy/Clarkson/Saul.

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