Year of the Snowy Owl – By Guest Blogger Richard Skevington

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Photo by Cathy Bingham taken in the Bright Area

This winter has been one of the best times in the last 50 years to see a Snowy Owl in Oxford County.  We were made aware of this when word was received that over 200 birds were seen in one mid-November outing at Cape Spear Newfoundland.  The potential was there for a good migration movement south, scientists having recorded record numbers of fledged young as a result of the abundant Lemming population.

Snowy Owls nest on the Arctic Tundra.  Their nest is built on a rise of land, giving them a good view when searching for food or watching for predators.  They will migrate when their source of food starts to run out,  generally  only going as far as they need to survive.  When in the Arctic, their main food source is Lemmings and  other rodents.  As they go south, …

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5 thoughts on “Year of the Snowy Owl – By Guest Blogger Richard Skevington

  1. Totally off topic – am I the only person left who hears the word “Crimea” and immediately thinks of
    Nurse Florence Nightingale?

  2. The founder of modern professional nursing.Becomes known world-wide for her service in the
    Crimean War – (the one that pulled the British military out of London in 1853 (after the Harris
    girls had picked off some as husbands) as noted on the OHF Garrison plaque in Victoria Park.
    There’s a museum in her honour in London England, and even an owl connection. I Remember
    her quote about waiting until the clock struck 10 so she could go to bed and escape the dreary
    Victorian evenings. Going off to a foreign country to look after British wounded soldiers solved
    that problem…!
    Her name was simply one people simply knew, as was the War in Crimea – but media have not
    made the connection, saying something about the teaching of history in schools in the past

  3. The Timeless Wisdom of Florence Nightingale in Canadian Nurse, Vol. 109, No.2 (Feb.y 2013), p.36.
    Kathy, you are just in time to take the lead in joining in a Florence Nightingale Day in the UK on
    APRIL 3 2014 celebrates her contribution to the field of statistics. There’s a prestigous Nightingale
    School of Nursing over therethere, and here in London we have a Nightingale Ave and a memorial
    stained glass window out at CPRI and no doubt more.
    It’s interest in her that made names on that far-off peninsula familiar as things heat up there today.
    Amazingly evocative for those of a certain age..
    There are a couple of bas relief plaques that may interest you if send along the search term..

  4. As you put away your balaclava and don your raglan-sleeved cardigan, give a thought to the
    names’ connection with 19th-century Crimean War..

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