Sympathy cards for wife

I know women outlive men, but I didn’t think finding a sympathy card for a man who lost his wife would be so difficult.

There are cards for loss of daughter, mother, grandmother, but not one for death of a wife.

Why do you think that is?

Is it to do with the fact that most women outlive their husbands and there is not a big demand for loss of wife cards?

Just found it rather interesting.

And why do women outlive men?


One thought on “Sympathy cards for wife

  1. It depends on where you do your card shopping.
    Oxford Books now on Piccadilly ( around the corner on Richmond for decades) has at least one in stock.
    Says it has a particularly good message. Do you want us to tell them to hold it for you ? Or call yourself.
    You might want it in the future if present need has been dealt with.
    –Customer demand can improve the market for cards this particular bereavement.
    Also there, is a little local history just in time for the genealogy/local history aspect of “Ontario Heritage Week”.
    Authored by Hanny Shousher (b c1930), the book is titled ‘THEN AND NOW’, information collected by him to ensure that the pioneer years of that century-old community centred on the Oxford St. Mosque are not forgotten.
    Lots of photos, lots of names.This kind of 20th century migrant local history is so important to expand on the 19th century pioneer stories.

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