A hero in the family



A member of the Rumleski family was in the news a few times last month, after picking up several awards for his heroics, including a Medal of Bravery from the Governor General.

He also received the Rescue Award of Merit from the Lifesaving Society, (photo above), a letter of recognition from Archdiocese of Toronto Archbishop Thomas Collins and a bravery award from Lt.-Gov. David Onley.

Elijah Rumleski-Boisvert is the son of my first cousin. Originally from Timmins, Elijah now lives in Bradford.

He rescued his uncle who hit his head on a rock after stumbling in the water and fell face down, unconscious in the water.

Here is the story as published by the Lifesaving Society.

Elijah was fishing with his sister Elisha and his Uncle Rick on June 10, 2011, along the banks of the Frederick House River near Connaught, Ontario. What was meant to be a leisurely day on the river turned frightening when Uncle Rick, who was baiting hooks at the time, slipped, stumbled and fell into the river hitting his head hard on a rock. The impact left him unconscious, face down in the water.

Both children went in after their uncle. The water wasn’t deep but it was frigid, forcing Elisha to retreat to shore. Elijah also struggled but managed to turn his uncle over and get his head above water.  Then, using all of his strength, he pulled him back to shore where Elisha promptly covered him with her sweater to keep him warm.

A couple of bystanders who were nearby saw what was happening and called EMS. By the time emergency crews arrived, Rick had regained consciousness. Uncle Rick spent two days in hospital recovering before returning home.

Here is a link to the CTV News story about the GG’s Medal of Bravery awards where he is listed.


Our family is very proud of him.


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