Trying to bug out

I have this problem.

It’s a little wee problem.

But it’s becoming a big headache.

Teeny, tiny, crawling brown bugs are in my kitchen cupboard. I’ve removed everything from the cupboards and put in those little containers of chemicals that ants crawl into and then die.

The traps have been in there all week and I wipe the cupboards down each day, but the bugs always return. They are so small you have to have a lot of them congregated to even seen them.  They really only show up well against white and our cupboards are brown, the same as the bugs.

I don’t know what they are and I’ve never had them before.

Anybody having this problem this winter? They only seem to be in the cupboard against the outer wall.

Any thoughts as to what they are? Or how to get rid of them?


One thought on “Trying to bug out

  1. Yuk. Poor you…
    You could check with the Health unit, but perhaps calling local exterminators would solve the problem.

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