Timing of Leafs’ trade is rubbish


Although John-Michael Liles reportedly wanted a trade out of Toronto, the Maple Leafs showed a lack of class on the timing of this player’s trade on New Year’s Day.

Liles was on the ice for the warm-up at the NHL Winter Classic, which was played before 105,000 fans.

Players were excited to be playing in this outdoor event against the Red Wings in Ann Arbor, Mich.

Some said it was the biggest game of their lives.

So there was Liles, ready for the exciting game and he gets yanked from the ice and told he’s going to Carolina.

Perhaps he gets out of the snow and cold, but he must have been disappointed.

I find it deplorable that the Leafs would do this to a player.

Would love to know what you think about this move.


2 thoughts on “Timing of Leafs’ trade is rubbish

  1. It is as rude as it gets. The word that sticks in my mind is callous. This was more than a game – it was an experience of a lifetime. And the timing was clearly and deliberately planned to yank it away from him at the worst possible moment. No empathy, no humanity, just business.

    It violates the Golden Rule I thought we were all taught in Kindergarten. I guess some people were absent that day.

  2. Hey Carmi,
    Good word to use – callous. Unfortunately it was all about business and not about the players. Was that what the Winter Classic was all about as well? Big money for the NHL. Hope not, but makes you wonder.

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