Will paper mail come to an end?

With the news today that Canada Post will phase out home delivery over the next five years, it raises the question: How long will there be delivery at all?

There’s paperless billing, paperless payments, email, Facebook, Twitter and all kinds of other means to communicate without using a shred of paper.

The only thing that people might c0ntinue to do for a few more years is send Christmas cards, but even that is time limited. More people are choosing to send emails with updates on their families at this  time of year.

I do see the day when no letter, bills, flyers, cheques will be mailed.

Sad as it is, it’s coming sooner than we think.

I have an uncle who spent his career at Canada Post. Wonder how he is feeling today?

I will continue to mail Christmas cards because I like to do that and I also like to receive them.

Are you surprised at today’s news?


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