Teachers association threatening censure of King’s

King’s University College has a possible censure from the Canadian Association of University Teachers hanging over its head.

It stems from a letter a King’s instructor sent to administration upon his retirement.  He sent the letter as he worried the college was undermining the social justice and peace studies.

The letter was sent privately. It contained what King’s believed to be vitriolic and harassing comments about two of his colleagues.

King’s then took the step of making the letter more public by showing it to the female instructors, who took action against Luckhardt.

The CAUT states it is the right of university instructors to challenge and raise questions. And they wonder why King’s would make public a private letter.

Both sides did an independent review and came up with opposite conclusions.  The investigator hired by King’s said they took the necessary steps to handle this issue and the ad hoc committee put in place by the CAUT says the dean and principal at King’s acted inappropriately.

This past weekend the CAUT executive committee voted unanimously to support a censure, which would come into effect in April.

That could mean instructors wouldn’t fill vacant positions at King’s and guest lecturers or large symposiums wouldn’t attend King’s.

I have talked to the head of the CAUT , James Turk, and the instructor, Ken Luckhardt, who was banned from the campus. I arranged for Gerry Dewan at CTV London to interview Turk.

Here’s Gerry’s report.

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2 thoughts on “Teachers association threatening censure of King’s

  1. Dozens of members of the faculty of King’s University College have sided with our administration on most of the substantive issues in this matter. There have been three responses to emerge from faculty. The first was a detailed response from our Women’s Caucus to the CAUT report, pointing out serious errors in that report; the second was a letter signed by several dozen King’s professors contesting claims that Jim Turk made on CTV news to the effect that King’s professors are “afraid to speak out”; and the third and most recent was a detailed response from our Faculty Association executive pointing out further errors of fact and interpretation in the CAUT report. That response, and the women’s caucus response, were endorsed unanimously by our faculty association in mid-December. In short, the Canadian Association of University Teachers does not, in this matter, speak for these university teachers.

    The responses from King’s administration and faculty can be found at: http://www.kings.uwo.ca/about-kings/media-and-communications/newsroom/faculty-responds-to-caut-comments-in-media/

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