Historic anniversary on day that rocked the world

What were you doing when it happened 50 years ago today?

I don’t even need to say Dallas, JFK, Jackie.

Everyone knows what happened on Nov. 22, 1963.

So where were you when you heard the news?



12 thoughts on “Historic anniversary on day that rocked the world

  1. Never can see what this question has to do with anything for Canadians, but it depended on
    what forms of media one had accessible at at that time, and whether the device was turned on
    or otherwise available when the American broadcasts reached Canadian news outlets.
    It was a Friday afternoon here so it would only make the evening papers.
    Our school-age young people would be in classrooms all across Canada, fathers away at work,
    and mothers at home or out shopping.So it depends on when one was born, and where one lived
    in the ’60s and even if one’s family had a telephone.
    REF – Wikipedia has an extensive JFK timeline as the shock spread in US radio and TV newsrooms.
    REF -“JFK’s assassination: How it was reported on CBC TV” – Archival footage from Nov. 22, 1963 –
    the day John F. Kennedy was shot. –
    Do recall watching on TV film of the Ruby shooting of Oswald and the deer-in-the-headlights image
    of newsmanPeter Worthington, The funeral of course was one of the earlier designed-for-television
    events, the little boy coached to salute, the women in widows’ weeds reflecting the royal imagery
    of the UK death of George VI just before CBC- TV went on the air..
    Can young people even grasp earlier eras of news communication – fortunately free of interjections
    via such as twitter ? To contribute, one had to reach the standards of editors of Letters as worthy of
    being passed along to a paying audience.

  2. No Tweets sent out that got info wrong and had to be updated as happens so often with breaking news now.
    Watched a special with Dan Rather and he heard from a priest and doctor that JFK was dead. Rather told his station to go ahead with the news as he was 100% confident that Kennedy was dead. CBS did broadcast the president’s death before it was officially confirmed.
    Before newspapers went online, we had to wait until the paper was printed and on the streets to break any news. Broadcast media had an advantage, especially radio. Now there is no advantage as every media outlet has an online presence – some better than others.

  3. Also interesting to note that I had a friend in elementary school who was named Jackie and her brother, who died young, was named John. The family was from Chile and she told me she was named after Jackie Kennedy and her brother after the president. Not sure if the brother was born before or after the assassination. My friend Jackie was born after his death.
    I find it fascinating that a family from Chile thought so highly of the Kennedys they named their children after them.

  4. Wikipedia has a timeline of events that day….If a priest, presumably the one who’d administered the
    Last Rites and the physician in charge at the hospital tipped off media, it’d be hugely unprofessional.
    This wasn’t just a great scoop for journalists – it was a threat to that whole nation and the information
    could cause mass panic…not that long since the nuclear standoff with Russia over just offshore Cuba.
    “Although President Kennedy was pronounced dead at 1:00 pm CST, the official announcement would
    not come for another half hour. Immediately after receiving word of the president’s death, acting
    White House press secretary Malcolm Kilduff entered the room where Vice President Johnson, who was constitutionally now the President, and his wife were sitting.[19][43] Kilduff approached them and said to
    “Mr. President, I have to announce the death of President Kennedy. Is it OK with you that the
    announcement be made now?”[43] The new president ordered that the announcement be made only
    after he left the hospital.[44] When asking that the announcementt be delayed, Johnson told Kilduff:
    “I think I had better get out of here.. .before you announce it.
    We don’t know whether this is a worldwide conspiracy, whether they are after me as well as they were after President Kennedy, or whether they are after Speaker (John W.) McCormack, or Senator (Carl) Hayden. We just don’t know.”[19]
    At 1:33 pm CST, Kilduff entered a nurses’ classroom at the hospital, filled with press reporters and made the official announcement:[45][37] –
    “ President John F. Kennedy died at approximately 1:00 CST today, here in Dallas.
    He died of a gunshot wound to the brain. I have no other details regarding the
    assassination of the president..”[43]

  5. Thanks for timeline from Wikipedia. Also found this. “At approximately 2:11 EST, CBS News correspondent Dan Rather telephoned one of the two priests who performed last rites on Kennedy to confirm that he had indeed been shot. “Yes, he’s been shot and he is dead,” the priest told Rather.”
    What Rather said over the weekend, was that there was also confirmation from a doctor.

  6. Well one wonders that they put a TV anchor over patient and patient family privacy, not to mention the national interest. Timing suggests Rather missed the White House public announcement to the press.
    How a priest diagnoses a gunshot wound as cause of death is unclear. Bit of grandstanding here ?

  7. A look at Toronto Star archive for Friday, November 22 1963 shows it would not inform subscriber familes
    or newsstand purchasers about the event in Dallas Texas USA. Big news is the funeral of Mayor Summerville
    on page 1 and the section page, and political interest was in who Council would choose to fill his place –
    Phil Givens (adopted surname permission of the one-time London “Founding of London” group), and Bill Archer, the former winning.
    But Saturday’s paper has it on page 1. Must have been a busy night in the newsroom ..wonder if they had an
    obit-ready biography on hand.
    We weren’t so Americanized in those days, still thinking of them as the guys who come late in the wars and then
    Hollywood stealing all the credit for victory…
    If the question is phrased “HOW did you hear” it’d been more historically interesting in a media sense..Wondering
    about the ham radio network in moving the news around the globe.

  8. My point is that Kennedy is a much more romantic figure dead young than if he’d continued in office.
    As for his widow, her star dimmed with her second marriage.

  9. Not a matter of fairness really – It has always been so. And media love the imagery.
    JFK didn’t live to display presidential feet of clay.He might have been regarded a
    disasterous president if he had survived.
    Consider the current one and his diminishing approval.
    Jackie and that old guy really was a turnoff. Her big moment was as in this
    brief White House period.
    Well that’s it for another 50 years for fans

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