Best Red Sox beard as team closes in on World Series

The Boston Red Sox could win the world series tonight. It’s game six of a series that has been error-filled and controversial at times.

As I watch the series, the players’ beards get in the way.

I find myself checking out the beards instead of their swings.

So who has the most interesting beard? And which beard do you like best?

The boys started growing the beards in spring training and now some of them are downright Duck Dynasty-ish.

I really don’t like Dustin Pedroia’s beard or Mike Napoli’s.

David Ortiz would be my pick as having the best beard.

Some players, like  Junichi Tazawa, barely have a beard at all.

The players have also named their beards.

But has it helped them as a team to let the whiskers go wild?

I think it has. It has given them a camaraderie, something to tease each other about. They are united in their beard-growing efforts. The beards lighten the tense mood when all is on the line.

I think it was a great idea and I think the beards will help them win the World Series.

I am cheering for the Cards, by the way.  Maybe they should consider all dying their hair to catch a little of the magic that the Sox have.



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