Aaron Yoon was a model prisoner

I cultivated a source in Mauritania over the past few months to get information about Londoner Aaron Yoon, who was imprisoned there on terrorist-related charges.

The prison he was in is located three km north of Nouakchott.

My source said that Yoon was in a comfortable cell there. The prison has sports equipment and a library.

He said Yoon requested a lot of books and was studying Muslim theology. He also said he read the Koran a lot.

He told me before it happened that  Yoon would be released from prison, even though prosecutors had wanted his sentenced lengthened to 10 years.

Yoon is back living in London.

I’m sure the Canadian government has questioned him at length.

Do we have a right to know what really happened when he and his two friends (now both dead) travelled overseas and allegedly got involved in terrorism? Or is that information best kept in the hands of the government?


3 thoughts on “Aaron Yoon was a model prisoner

  1. To the degree that our foreign affairs people actually have the facts, one cannot expect them to issue a press
    release to the general public. There’d be issues of national security of information on their procedures in such
    cases of citizens overseas who got themselves into trouble by going into a disturbed part of the world.
    Surely this is the job of our news media, to seek out answers to questions in the public interest, from authorities
    and from the Yoon family itself.
    Suspect if local media asked around there are people who have heard from the young man and his immediate
    family and are willing to talk to the press about what they were told.
    If you mess around in other countries, it is hard to cry foul if they react, and anyone knows situations in detention over there can be less than Hilton hotel standards of comfort.
    More of interest is why he did this strange thing in the first place, and what are his intentions now if he plans to
    live in our midst. It can make people quite nervous…

  2. Duffy pretty busy at the moment – would expect local media to be following this.
    As a taxpayer would be curious how much this RC-apparently 20-something convert to Islam’s overseas
    escapade has cost us.
    Intriguing re the PEI retired journalist is treated by media. Jumping all over him – now will he get support
    if he reveals dirty work in the PMO. Interesting time. Amusing Mrs. Poy (sister-in-law to former GG Adrienne
    Poy/Clarkson/Sau)l and Miss Nancy Jackman/Ruth and always publicity-hungry Ms Atwood tried to deflect
    attention to their suffering for not being gender-specifically referred to in the national anthem.
    Perhaps the country should formally apologize and pay reparation for their pain and suffering…

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