Throne Speech treats for consumers

There will be a few treats in today’s Throne Speech for you and I, especially if you use electronic devices and watch cable TV.

As reported by CTV, there are plans to cap domestic cellphone roaming fees, unbundle cable TV packages and increase competition in the wireless sector.

Air travellers may also get a better deal if they are bumped from a flight due to overbooking. About time.

Of course, the opposition parties will hammer the Conservatives on the various Senate scandals.

Will make for an interesting afternoon.

Are you interested in the Throne Speech?



4 thoughts on “Throne Speech treats for consumers

  1. Interesting if only to see one-time Londoner David Johnston in this role, wife Sharon at his side.
    He was the boy wonder dean of the Law faculty at then-UWO from mid to late 1970s, living
    on Cheapside at St. George St..Hard to miss this family, 5 little girls, one London-born, David
    in his business suir jogging briefcase in hand up the campus, and Sharon into many things.
    We knew this neighbour was off to greater things but never thought he would be giving this honour.
    Moral, always get a snapshot of the families one’s children play with so you can look at it years
    later to see if any made history in the passing years. Picked up one of the Alberta Five, of the
    ‘Persons Case’ fame and others of distinction even historical-plaqueable, in one of our Mother’s
    old snapshot album.. Touch of history. Real people, not entertainment celebrities, peopling our
    early years…

  2. Kathy, lots of people remember the family not just us, but neighbourhood, church, schools and the university.
    Not sure he ‘connects’ with the high and the lowly, but his high profile career in law (never actually practicing)
    is a refreshing change from the CVs of some of his predecessors. To me his background is a defence against
    the current PM getting out of line. When his past postions are listed, the London era is often omitted, but the reference in a tearjerker book noted. Thus the reminder this city played a part in shaping this northern Ontario
    lad who now is the official personal presence of the Queen in Canada.

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