Police desperate to catch sexual assault suspect

Composite sketch


London police have just released to the media a composite sketch of a man they say has been riding by woman on his bicycle and grabbing them.

The police describe the suspect as: Male, black with a light to medium complexion, medium build, 5’6” to 5’10” with short black hair.  The suspect rides a BMX or mountain bike style of bicycle.

About the composite they say: The accompanying  sketch is to show similarities and characteristics of the suspect.  There may be characteristics like hair style that can often change or look different depending on lighting conditions and the suspect’s clothing in the area of the neck and head region. 

Anyone with information call contact police at (519) 660-5842 or online at project@police.london.ca.

I have changed my jogging route as the suspect has accosted some of the women on bike paths.

Here is a story that we did at CTV London.



7 thoughts on “Police desperate to catch sexual assault suspect

  1. Without looking for prurient detail, what is the modus operandi of this cyclist, so we don’t all panic if we hear
    one behind us? Does he dismount so one might hear those sounds and footsteps, or literally reach out from his machine at his target and try to grab her? What do police advise any future victim to be prepared to do to deter him ?

  2. Police have said during the first few assaults, the suspect stayed on the bike. During the last assault though, he got off of his bike.
    Police have sent out three media releases in the last week in an effort to try to catch this person. They’re worried about escalating violence.
    Police are encouraging females to be cautious when walking alone as all of the victims have been by themselves when accosted. The assaults have been in the morning or evening, not after dark.
    Hope this helps.

  3. I assume one of the self-defence practices supported by police is not wearing earphones when alone in less-frequented places.

  4. So true. I never wear earphones when I run. I want to be aware of noises around me and know when someone is approaching, simply to be able to get out of the way of bikes and other joggers. But also to protect myself. Good to be aware of wildlife as well when jogging by the river. I saw a coyote one day. Wearing earphones makes you vulnerable.

  5. Seems to me when an attack is deemed “sexual” – apparently meaning only against a female – there’s little
    instruction on how to take a self-defence approach. Media just focus on victimhood status. Are the police afraid
    that if they issue comments about one’s dress choices they will be denounced by ‘Feminists’ as attacking females.
    too ? Offending their Right to dress as they choose without considering any unintended consequences.
    Surely it is possible while protecting the privacy of complainants to comment on any similiarities that might
    have attracted this predator that were within the commonsense control of his targets. Maybe no similiar details
    but never hurts to ask if adult females can streetproof themselves a bit, as try to do with our daughters.

  6. Grab a roll of quarters for each hand & when he grabs ya break the f’n cowards lips. Sorry for the grammar. Have a good weekend .

  7. Gord, that is great if the police approve. Sort of brass knuckles. Slow down if not actually assault back.
    There may be some no-nos in female self-defence because they don’t work and can make the attacker
    more vicious. He may not be a coward except in his choice of entertainment
    Some older people keep a can of food in a sock at the door, to grab and swing if the person outside seems
    to be an intruder. Women are advised not to carry a purse on their arm when walking about, not an easy
    habit to break.
    Kathy, is there a preferably female police officer who has some self-defence advice for women so fear does
    not build up with such as this man on the loose? Still would like to know what he tends to do with a captive so
    victims can pre-think through possible responses.

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