The Dream Life of Teresa Harris playing at Eldon House

Teresa comes home to reflect on a well-travelled life is the one-line description of Penn Kemp’s play, in the middle of its run right now.

Harris spent time in Tibet with her second husband and was considered an explorer by many.  Her first husband died while they were in India.

Set at the Eldon House, the play is getting great reviews.

Click the link if you’d like more information.

There is a performance Thursday afternoon and then Friday and Saturday.

With the price of a $25 ticket, you can also enjoy tea between shows.



One thought on “The Dream Life of Teresa Harris playing at Eldon House

  1. Hi.
    One tends to think of the Harris girls in that high Victorian era setting whereas it was very simple,
    and surely very crowded, in the early years as the family grew. And most had left London after making
    Good marriages’ and died across the Atlantic, even Teresa Newcome Julia Eveleigh Harris [1839-1928]
    Found the news item below while browsing re my favourite, ‘Chasse’, Charlotte Owen Harris 1828-1854]
    (the Owen a reference to her mother and father’s pre-Eldon era participation in the Great Lakes Survey,
    not a theme celebrated at the house).

    Very clever people can reconstruct the clipping as an image.. (This is from an Australian project called
    TROVE which is invaluable re mutual participation in WW1…)
    google listing:
    19 Aug 1854 – THE LOSS OF THE ERCOLANO.‎
    THE LOSS OF THE ERCOLANO., April 29. – At last we have received something like authentic information as to .fie-dreadful founder-. ing of the …

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