One message for politicans: Get back to work

I’m tired of the political games being played by politicians in all levels of government.
I want my Member of Parliament back working for her constituents and all Canadians.
Proroguing Parliament is not good for Canada. It’s only good for Conservatives.
Any effective means of putting pressure on PM to return to the Hill in September and not October?
Should the GG agree to this request to prorogue?


7 thoughts on “One message for politicans: Get back to work

  1. House of Commons Procedure and Practice
    Edited by Robert Marleau and Camille Montpetit 2000 Edition — More information …

    8. The Parliamentary Cycle Prorogation and Dissolution – Prorogation
    Prorogation of a Parliament results in the termination of a session. Parliament then stands prorogued until the opening of the next session.
    Like the summoning and dissolution of Parliament, prorogation is a prerogative act of the Crown, taken on the advice of the Prime Minister. [105]
    Parliament is actually prorogued either by the Governor General (or Deputy of the Governor General) in the
    Senate Chamber, or by proclamation published in the Canada Gazette.
    I suspect that my own MP has enough to do in Constituency work despite it being mid summer.
    The issue is why the PM wants to close down shop. It certainly sounds like power party politics..but GG David Johnston would need good reason to refuse to co-operate.

  2. Canadian Parliamentary Review has an analysis in 2011 issue. Google
    “No Discretion: On Prorogation and the Governor General Nicholas A. MacDonald; James W.J. Bowden”

  3. I emailed my MP on Tuesday about how time in the Riding is useful..
    Here it is late Thursday and apparently responding to Constituent emaill is not top of that Office’s list ..

  4. Well you know he has done everything he planned on doing when he got in, he was going to abolish or let the Senate evaporate on its own. He was going to revamp laws concerning soft drugs, he was pushing Income Trust funds for seniors. OH WAIT . . damn, he made all these things WORSE…. g o o d h e a v e n s . Oh and btw the cost of keeping an inmate incarcerated has almost doubled sine his coronation.

  5. Let’s remember that the political party in power is only there because the electors in the various Ridings put
    those MPs who chose Stephen Harper as party leader. If people want to get rid of him either as Conservative
    Leader – therefore automatically Prime Minister – or that party itself, you have to follow the systems.
    Join the CPC and work within its rules for leadership review, or work at the constituency level to block PC candidates. Time, money and effort…He is not the equivalent of the USA president in how he gets into office.
    Speaking of effort, our MP has not yet bothered to deal with yhe question of how she uses the extra few weeks
    free of having to sit in the Commons all day, to serve her London riding constituents…
    Re the man found in the river, didn’t media jump to a lot of conclusions based on the stretch of the river where
    the body floated up – having entered the water who knows where ?

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