Oxford County’s Cheese Trail ~ Guest Blogger – story & photos by Geoff Dale

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It’s an inescapable reality – Oxford County is the Dairy Capital of Canada and boasts some of the most incredible historic facts pertaining to the production of high quality cheese.

Most living within the county and many outside the confines of the region know that the community of Ingersoll was the county’s cheese capital from the mid-1800s to early 1900s, packaging much of the county’s renowned cheddar.

It was home to the first cheese factory in Canada, established around 1840. In 1866 a giant block of cheese weighing 7,300 pounds (3,311 kilograms) was produced at the James Harris Cheese Factory and then exhibited in England and the United States at the New York State Fair in Saratoga.

During the 1800s there were 98 cheese factories in Oxford County, with the first cooperative cheese factory in Upper Canada located here.

Yet, while these facts and even more are well-documented and known…

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2 thoughts on “Oxford County’s Cheese Trail ~ Guest Blogger – story & photos by Geoff Dale

  1. Don’r forget to check out their historical plaques on this wonderful volunteer web project.
    google listings below.
    1. The Big Cheese Historical Plaque
    A truck hit the Big Cheese plaque in Ingersoll in the winter …
    of the commercial cheese industry in Canada … farm the first cheese factory in the Ingersoll district…

    2. First Cheese Factory Historical Plaque – First Cheese Factory
    Photos by Alan L … of Oxford The Town of Ingersoll Beside the Post Office on …
    080 Plaque Text The first cheese
    factory in Canada was established http://www.ontarioplaques.com/Plaques_MNO/Plaque_Oxford24.html

    – Found a Provincial and even Federal one, Images and transcriptions

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