Happy Canada Day weekend

What are you most thankful for as a Canadian?

Healthcare system, public education, tolerance …..


6 thoughts on “Happy Canada Day weekend

  1. That’s easy. Get out your world map, centred on the Atlantic Ocean or the Pacific
    as you choose,and review your families’ histories for the last hundred years..
    Where else would you want to be in tumultous times ?

  2. Toronto Star June 28 has a column by Susan Delacourt on a new book ‘Desiring Canada’
    by sociologists Patricia Cormack (StFX) and James Cosgrove (Trent) which looks like an
    interesting read.
    Govenment wants us to look at our citizens as men of valour; Corporations want us to buy
    (literally) into the image of ourselvesas beer-sodden donut-eating self-involved flag-wavers.
    Look forward to seeing how they deal with modern media as culprits in popularizing this
    self-image of our nation by their, to me, endless irresponsible free marketing support of
    brand names.
    Where it leaves children women and the elderly, less-lkely to be interested in this view of
    themselves and what this country stands for on the world stage.
    Is this a passing phase as society ages, or corporate forces taking over our children’s minds?

  3. Speaking of gallant men July 6 marks the 1867 birh of overlooked Londoner Edward Whipple Bancroft Morrison
    who is the most likely person to have gotten “In Flanders Fields” published in PUNCH in London UK December 8 1915, over 6 months after its creation in Belgium. His background as a journalist would help.
    An old friend of John McCrae from the South Africa war days, his greatest achievement could be this, getting the Canadian work into print for the general English-speaking public. When the magazine finally figured out who the author was they indexed him as John McCree…

  4. By the way, if you have done any reading on the origins of the Empire tradition of wearing a replica
    Flanders poppy for the Fallen, don’t miss the entry on the Department of Defence website – the Aide
    Memoire to the troops re wearing the poppy..
    It is loaded with hilarious errors, even mispelling the name of the elderly American woman who claimed
    to have initiated the custom and whose self-promotion completely obliterates Canada – from the story.
    It sounds like the work of a ten year old child who is bad with google ..
    A plaque in the Prince Arthur Hotel in Thunder Bay gives the veterans version of it, crediting Anna Guerin
    the French war orphan relief worker well known to Londoners of the era with generous support.

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