Hard to cheer for Blackhawks

There are lots of reasons people hate certain sports teams.

While I wouldn’t say I hate the Chicago Blackhawks, I do find it difficult to cheer for them.

I was hoping Boston would win the Stanley Cup, which the Blackhawks captured last night.

Not that I like Boston, but I do dislike Chicago’s captain.

It stems from an incident in 2009 when Patrick Kane, a former London Knight,  punched a taxi driver for not having 20 cents change. The taxi driver claimed Kane said, Don’t you know who I am?

Kane and his cousin were indicted on misdemeanor assault, theft and harassment charges and pleaded guilty to noncriminal disorderly conduct. They got nothing for the crime as long as they remained charge free for a year. (Perhaps they should have been banned from taxis).

While one incident does not make a man, thinking that you’re better than someone else because you make a lot of money playing sports, suggests a big ego.

And didn’t another Blackhawk, David Bolland, also a former Knight, kick a player while he was playing for London?

So as hockey FINALLY wraps up for the season, let me know what team you despise and why you won’t cheer for it …. until your favourite player gets traded to that team.





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