Will technological glitches become daily problem?

Just when I thought my email account was fixed after it had been hacked, it appears there are still more issues.

Some people have been telling me they’ve sent me emails and I haven’t received them. These are people who have been able to get through to me pre-hacked days.


If you’ve ever had a problem receiving some of your emails, how did you fix it?

As I thought about my email issues, I started pondering our technological future and it was a bit fearful.

With accounts being hijacked so frequently and people uncertain about their personal online security, I believe some companies will get rich creating programs to ensure our security.

More computer programs will be created to deal with hackers in the future.

Emails will be shut down from the host providers as more and more accounts are sabotaged.

Daily problems accessing the Internet will occur.

Maybe I’m being paranoid but a worldwide blackout is a possibility. Sounds positively anti-Orwellian as nobody will be able to spy on us then.


2 thoughts on “Will technological glitches become daily problem?

  1. Each new technology brings its problems. This one is particularly sensitive as
    it has such a far reach and people expect such miracles from it.
    Being fearful is not a good approach – think of the alternatives available for
    your necessary communications. Ones you were raised with before the computer
    was in general use domestically and for business
    And remember, Orwell just wrote a profitable novel c948, a vision of the English-
    speaking world a third of a century later, which was not reflected in reality.
    See if setting up a new private email address helps with those who are complaining
    they can’t seem to reach you.

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