Hackers didn’t get a penny but inadvertently saved me time

Just wanted you guys to know I had a lovely time in the Philippines.  Thanks to all who sent money!

I do want to apologize to those of you who received an email from me recently saying I was stuck in the Philippines and needed quick cash.

Someone hacked into my email account, sending the same email to all of my contacts, asking for money because I lost my wallet and couldn’t pay my hotel bill.

The log in to my account showed someone in India had accessed it.

I was able to retrieve my account after a couple of days. It had been locked by the Google team who realized it had been hacked. Every email was deleted, but most were still in my trash can so I went through them all. A good time to weed out my account, is  how I looked at it.

I wondered why and how they picked me. It must be all of the friends I have! But my friends are really astute and nobody was fooled.

They messed with the wrong person and her friends, thankfully. But how many others have been tricked by these phony emails?

So now for the how.

I do create Google documents from time to time and I did receive an email saying someone had sent me a Google doc.  I had to log into my account to see the document but nothing was there.

I wonder if that is how they managed to get into my email. I’m not sure. But be wary if you get an email about a Google document you’re not expecting.

Nothing seemed out of the ordinary and if this in fact is how the scammers accessed the account, it took a while for them to actually send something out.

Thanks to one of my pals who said I should check my computer for viruses. I took it to Staples and they did find a virus and eliminated it.

Staples was backed up with machines so it took a few days to get my laptop back.

One thing I did notice while my computer was inaccessible: I got a lot of items crossed off my To Do List. We waste an awful lot of time sitting at our computers and you don’t notice how much, until you don’t have one to constantly check.

So a couple of lessons learned and I’m passing them on to you in the hopes that you can prevent being hijacked, and if you are to make sure you swoop for viruses.

Magkaroon ng isang magandang araw as they say in the Republic of the Philippines.


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