Nuit Blanche Saturday and final weekend of Fringe

What a treat for arts lovers this weekend. The London Fringe theatre festival wraps up Sunday.

There is a jammed packed schedule with lots of shows still available to see. I will be taking in something tonight.

Nuit Blanche, the breakout arts celebration, will be in various locations, including along Dundas Street, at Museum London and in Covent Garden Lane.

This is what the Museum has planned:

“As night falls, the Museum will come alive with music and interactive art projects for London’s Nuit Blanche celebration.
This year’s event features live performances by The Art of Streaming (Geoff Johnson, MJ Idzerda, Dennis Siren), Sina Khosravi, and Derek Martin in the Centre Gallery.
On the second floor the Museum  will be interactive with participatory art by Jeremy Jeresky from the New School of Colour accompanied by DJs Media Frenzy and SeXy Harasser.  All exhibits are open.
Hope you get a chance to see what London’s artistic community is up to.
Nuit Blanche is from 7 p.m. to 1 a.m.

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