Opening night and week of Stratford Festival


Looks as if it will be lovely weather for opening night in Stratford.

Long celebrated as a night to see the stars of the stage, Stratford is in the place to be Monday night.

The public lines up along the circular drive and beyond with chairs, blankets and some dress in evening wear.

While the festivities don’t attract the same star power that they used to, you can still catch some big names making their entrance at the Festival Theatre, such as Colm and Donna Feore, Brian Dennehy, Premier Kathleen Wynne…

The festival opens with the production of Romeo and Juliet, played by Daniel Briere (not the hockey player) and Sara Topham.

Also opening this week are Fiddler on the Roof, Measure for Measure, Tommy, Mary Stuart and The Three Musketeers.

I will seeing The Three Musketeers this season.

Are you planning on taking in a play in Stratford?


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