Duffy scandal problematic on different levels

The fact Mike Duffy resigned, or was forced to resign, has many journalists talking.

Duffy was, after all, a journalist himself, charged with covering the kind of stories he now finds himself embroiled in.

Many scribes are incredulous Duffy did the very thing he would have railed against only a few years earlier.

Was it a sense of entitlement that had him charging housing expenses he wasn’t eligible for? He has said the forms were confusing. Well, he could have asked for clarification or help in filling them out. I’m sorry, but that is not an excuse.

He is also now saying that he will be cleared once all investigations are complete and that he will not merit criticism.

If you believe he was confused about expenses and forms, what about borrowing money from the PM’s chief of staff?

And was it borrowed or simply given?

He said the money came through the RBC. Well, technically, it very well might have if the money from Nigel Wilson was put into a bank account and Duffy accessed it there.

He refused to take journalists questions on the issue, starting from the time the story broke in the winter.

I watched a TV report where he was shown going through the kitchen at a function so that he could avoid the media.

One woman on a talk show Tuesday said it didn’t bother her where Duffy got the money as long as he repays what was falsely claimed.

But Wilson was covering Duffy’s fraudulent housing claim.

Do people not recognize that or is it that they don’t really care? Pay back our money and we’ll be happy. Wilson may be a great pal, but it’s not something he should have done as chief of staff.

Joining Duffy in the senate as an independent is Pamela Wallin, also a journalist, and also someone being investigated for her travel expense claims.

We really should stop putting journalists in the senate.

Unless of course, they come calling for me!




2 thoughts on “Duffy scandal problematic on different levels

  1. These 2 people didn’t resign they just moved played a few bars of musical chairs. They should be impeached or simply jailed. Harper put Duffy in there to get him out of his hair, now its coming back to bite him in the ass,

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