Bosma case engaged a province

The outpouring of support and resources to try to find Tim Bosma was amazing.

Everyone was and still is talking about the case.  Just this morning my neighbour wanted to talk about it.

We were in Niagara Falls last week and Bosma’s picture was on a jumbo screen with information about the case and imploring the public to help.

Well Ontarians did. Unfortunately it didn’t turn out the way we all hoped.

At CTV London, (where I am now working part-time as assignment editor, so send me your story ideas), viewers wanted us to cover more of the case.

What did you think it was about this story that made so many of us tune in and hope for the best outcome?

If you type in Tim Bosma, you get more than 95 million results.

Sadly, people go missing every day. Look at the three women found in Cleveland. Two received lots of attention and the third, held the longest, was just forgotten.

Wish all those missing could come back home.



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