Art Christmas shared love of music with young and old

Longtime music educator Art Christmas of Sarnia passed away Monday.

His passion for music was limitless and he had no choice but to share it with others.

My father taught with Art at Alexander Mackenzie’s secondary school in Sarnia.

They worked with young people who had some learning difficulties.

It was a beautiful school and the staff were so friendly. I loved going there as a youngster.

Art also organized the Art Christmas Aggregation, using musical theatre to entertain the people of Sarnia. It was hugely popular. I went to these shows many times with my parents. They would always let me bring a friend and my friends would fight over who was going with me. The Aggregation lasted 23 years.

Art’s son Jeff, of London, is also a musician – composing, recording CDs and performing.

My condolences to the whole Christmas family.

I always thought that Christmas was an appropriate last name for Art. He seemed like Father Christmas to me, spreading good cheer wherever he went.

Here is Art’s obituary.


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