What would you do with $17 million?

Here’s my CTV story about a London couple that struck it rich with Saturday’s $17.4 million jackpot.


What would be the first thing you’d do if you won so much?

I think I would have a helluva party first and then wait a while until I am clearheaded and can make some wise decisions.

Some money would go a children’s charity, to help abused and neglected children.

And some would probably go to a vacation in Hawaii. That’s my dream trip.

This couple said they will have a party for their neighbourhood.


5 thoughts on “What would you do with $17 million?

  1. If I won $17M I would spend 1/2 of it on Wine Women & Song, & just waste the rest..hava good weekend . . go Isles. . Wings alive

  2. I have always wanted to outfit the entire Children’s Hospital with complete new games room with every possible gaming system and games and entertainment centers (big screens) for gaming and television watching and to make sure any child there has any and all toys/gadgets there hearts desired. From my lips to Gods ears.

    Go Isles. We are all Islanders!

    • I concur re Child Hos, I would also donate a bunch to the Boys & Girls club of London. I would have a box at the Bud Gardens,it would be packed with the underpriv. kids in the area.

    • Too bad the Shriners Kids Hospital wasn’t awarded to London. Its all tied up in red tape in Habs land.

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