Hard to contemplate all that happened in the last week

It has been one week since the Boston Marathon bombs shook the world.

Since that time, there have been memorials, other marathons, much pontificating, the identification of the suspects, a shootout between the suspects and police, which left one brother dead, and a lockdown on the city of Boston as police hunted the other suspect and found him hiding in a boat.

The surveillance tapes proved to be the key to identifying the bombing suspects.

I have felt uncomfortable in the past with surveillance cameras everywhere on our streets and inside businesses.

It can leave a creepy feeling of always being watched and never being able to escape the constant gaze.

And about gazing, I did a story on London artist Charles Vincent about his art and a piece called A Gaze Returned, which examines surveillance and its effect on us. It’s a provocative artwork.

You can read the story and see his sculpture here. http://www.lfpress.com/entertainment/stage/2011/06/17/18296461.html

I’m wondering about your thoughts on ubiquitous surveillance. In the Boston case it helped authorities, but is it also creating a paranoid society?

There will be a moment of silence today in Boston at 2:50 p.m., when the first bomb exploded.


2 thoughts on “Hard to contemplate all that happened in the last week

  1. Thank you for mentioning my artwork Kathy.
    It is hard to comprehend how these events affect the lives of so many people, in some cases just ending them long before their time. And yet we are all here seeing it as even more baffling developments unfold, before we can even try to understand the first. My thoughts are with those hurt and their families. The way that people in poorer places are even more likely to get caught in the crossfire of these kind of events is also upsetting.

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