Networks all go live as suspected Boston Marathon bomber on the loose

If you were hoping to catch other news Friday morning, forget it.

In Watertown, near Boston, police have shut down the town. Everyone was ordered in but the media are on the scene. The police are hunting Zhokhar A. Tsarnaev.

The media was asked to move back from the main area where police were working but all media stayed on the streets.

Is this too much coverage, especially by Canadian networks?

I admit, I am interested, in watching it unfold, but I doubt everyone is.

There is also the issue that the blanket coverage means the suspect could be getting information on where the police are and their tactics.

Plus, another point I want to make is that broadcasters have to fill in time as they stay live on the scene.

So there is all kinds of speculation going on, some pretty wild.

Is this kind of coverage serving the public?

The uncle of the suspects also gave the exact address of the men’s parents to the media. Why he did it, I’m not sure. Perhaps he’s in a state of shock.

It’s great for journalists, but not the family.


7 thoughts on “Networks all go live as suspected Boston Marathon bomber on the loose

  1. The running theme and crowds at the make it particularly interesting to readers/viewers.
    With what’s available on social media. the hunted 19 year old can get a pretty idea of police
    Understand that the press was asked to hold back on speculation, and hope Canadian media
    co-operated. ..It is up to their employers how far they go filling air time. responsible or hysterical
    Am not getting excessive coverage myself but likely using different media,use CBC radio 2 a lot.
    This brings us back to 19 year olds, males is in particular. Are they entitled to do foolish
    things? New Liberal leader Trudeau jr. is quoted as saying the perpetrator(s) must be someone
    who feels left out of things (can get exact quote, Harper comment vs Liberal leader articles.)
    Assume the uncle gave contact information re the parents because they are in a foreign
    country, not likely to be tracked by US security forces. He may think they’d like to be offered
    an opportunity to comment of their newsworthy emigrant offspring from a parental perspective.
    An aunt has turned up here, and she had lots to say to a video interviewer.
    Sorry, but if your children are believed to have gone rogue, people around them become part
    of the story too, and possible sources of information in the criminal hunt.
    Think of the victims of this evil act and the people around them permanently affected, by a
    death or major injury. The parents overseas have lost a married son as a result of his own actions,
    and there will be no “just a teen” excuses for him.
    Let’s hope he’s brought into custody before anyone else is his (alleged) vicitim. This is real scary
    stuff, bombs in sporting crowds…

  2. National Post report of CBC Mansbridge Tuesday re Boston Marathon bomber(s)
    – Trudeau was asked how he (presumably as our Prime Minister)would have responded to the
    attacks that killed three people and left about 170 injured.
    Trudeau said he would offer the American material support “and at the same time, over the coming days,
    we have to look at the root causes.”
    “Now, we don’t know now if it was terrorism or a single crazy [!] or a domestic issue or a foreign issue,”
    he said.
    “But there is no question that this happened because there is someone who feels completely excluded.
    Completely at war with innocents.
    At war with a society. And our approach has to be, where do those tensions come from?
    “Yes, there’s a need for security and response,” Trudeau added. “But we also need to make sure that
    as we go forward, that we don’t emphasize a culture of fear and mistrust. Because that ends up
    marginalizing even further those who already are feeling like they are enemies of society.”
    Wonder how his PM father would’ve reacted,considering his response to media questions about
    domestic terrorism 40 years ago.

    • Not a good response in the face of suffering and death.
      However, the Prime Minister in training (I do believe he will be PM one day), has a point.
      If we want to deal with these events, we must look at the alienation of man from each other, from nature, etc.
      Start with a child and raise that child in an environment of love and respect.

      • Yes, society must continue to examine this, and I’m sure there are many studies, but surely
        the nation’s leader, the Prime Minister, needs to have something practical to say to Canadians
        when a terrorism suspect is loose in the northeast area of the US?
        ..Condolences to our neighbour re the dead and injured,, then our mutual border security
        implications (present government did) etc. Trudeau Jr seemed to think Canada should be
        sending aid…
        A PM is not paid to ponder, but to lead the country in an appropriate course of action. Quite
        a contrast with Trudeau Sr. when faced with domestic terrorism here…
        It’s a bit late to worry about how the dead and now-captured suspects were raised to –
        allegedly emigrate to be mass killers, the damage to the US is done. Compare the various
        reactions of the located relatives – denial overseas and in Toronto – acceptance in the USA
        branch of the known facts, and condemnation of the perpetrators. What is needed now is
        calm while the wheels of American justice turn. It is their crime situation, their courts in the
        world limelight.

  3. Have been joined by a couple of people wondering about responsiblility of journalists
    calling some willing “expert” to speculate on the bombing situation. They had trouble
    sorting out on local radio what is breaking news and what is just some prof in his office
    who like personal publicity – may be a small fee too?
    They are appalled by Justin T’s sympathic flat statement about the perpetrator(s)
    feeling “excluded” a reason to blow them up.

  4. The sporting event in the US being international, several PMs spoke to the issue.
    Most interesting was the female Prime Minister of Australia who covered a lot of
    points domestic and re the American situation.
    You could see the UTube video searching HE PRIME MINISTER’S STATEMENT
    | Apr 16, 2013 11:53pm EST | 4min:34sec

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