London bid team feeling confident about chance to hold Memorial Cup

The London Knights are bidding on the 2014 Memorial Cup along with the Barrie Colts and the Windsor Spitfires.

A source told me it’s looking good for the Knights to get the Cup.

After a successful showing at the World Figure Skating Championships last month, the city is poised to capitalize.

Would you like to see the Memorial Cup back in town?

The London Knights were hosts of the CHL championship hockey tournament in 2005 and promptly won it.

You may remember that Sidney Crosby played in that tournament for the Rimouski Oceanic.

Now Sid is on the NHL sidelines with a broken jaw as his Penguins battle rumours he has another concussion.

proud father


You never know what you can learn from a horse. Thanks to Gord for this photo.


11 thoughts on “London bid team feeling confident about chance to hold Memorial Cup

  1. On the eve of the Centenary of the beginning of the Great War, what I’d like to see
    is the story of that Cup, created as a war memorial artifact, and something about the
    hockeyists who died in that conflict and whose names it was intended to keep fresh
    in Canadian sportslovers’ minds.
    Asked Downtown people re this angle last time but got brush-off. Vets ok, casualties not.
    If you are up to it, I’ve been rounding up names for a while, particularly looking for local
    “fallen”. Shall I pass them along ?

  2. A source told me it’s looking good for the Knights to get the Cup.
    Dale? Mark? One of Dales Horses?
    Poor Syd, can’t believe his rotten luck . .

  3. Pop quiz – Who was Cup-memorialized One-eyed Frank McGee ? Would it hurt the local bid if it
    was knowledgeable about the intention of the trophy ?

  4. A local lad with hockey connections was Gunner JOHN LIVESLEY PETHICKwho died on November 11, 1916
    Military Service Number: 305044 Age: 26 Force: Army Unit: Canadian Field ArtilleryDivision: 40th Bty.
    Son of John and Elizabeth A. Pethick. born London (articles pix on his Virtual War Memorial file at VAC)
    Try James Reaney – think he did some work on his identity in connection with his alma mater.
    The storied Frank McGee was installed in the Hockey Hall of Fame c1945,
    The cup founder recognized the great loss to the sport and the hockey community when these volunteer
    amaateur soldiers did not come back..

  5. Well, let’s help the men in suits along, perhaps offsetting some of the negative images the city is
    generating, student riots, n-word hysteria, vulgar skating shots and now terrorists.
    Genuine Remembrance is now in fashion, not just hugging old gents in club blazers who got a second long
    chance at life after serving our country on land, sea and in the air in the next war.
    –A quick wikifix, but a local scholar can likely improve on it..

    A war memorial artifact was proposed by Captain James T Sutherland of Kingston during World War I, a trophy for newer OHA players recognizing those who had died in the CEF, which included his brother Capt. George T, KIA 1916.(see Sutherland Cup). It was to be awarded to the best Junior team in the country and the Ontario Hockey Association’s annual meeting gave unanimous support.
    “Past President (1915-17) Capt. J.T. Sutherland, now in France, spoke of the splendid work done by Canadian boys in France and suggested the erection of a suitable memorial to hockey players who have fallen.” [The Globe, Toronto, Ontario, Dec. 9, 1918]
    Ninety years the artifact was rededicated by its guardians to honour all Canada’s military who died any of our military conflicts, the sportsmen connection eliminated, and females now included.

  6. One of our presenters is a Mr. Whiffen of Oakville.
    Wonder if one of the 6 of his Surname who served in the CEF is a kinman ?
    Happily none of that surname re appear in the VWM
    Mr. Whiffin is noted for his interest in today’s ex-service personnel aka veterans.
    He must also be conscious of those families less fortunate, the war dead of long ago..
    so often single, childless, no one to carry on their name directly…

    1. WHIFFEN, ALBERT 22/07/ b. 1889 #1051481
    2. FREDERICK 08/05/ 1874 1036903
    3. GEORGE 15/12/ 1891 42646
    4. PETER Gunner 15/08/ 1879 42230
    5. WILLIAM G. 07/12/ 1886 60051
    6. WILLIAM HENRY (officer ?) 2383856

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