Do you think London is now known as a city for radicals?

We just increased our potential as a great city to visit when London was cast in a good light during the World Figure Skating Championships.

Now we’re in the national and international spotlight again for something sinister – homegrown terrorists who are willing to die for violence.

So the question is, what are people across the globe thinking about London these days?

Will this deter people from coming here?

I don’t think so.  We’re a big enough city now that three or possible four alleged terrorists from London aren’t going to make a difference when people are choosing vacation plans.

It is a fascinating story though.

Did these men go looking for trouble? How did they connect with al-Qaida?

Were they recruited and how many more young London men were approached?



2 thoughts on “Do you think London is now known as a city for radicals?

  1. A Muslim place of worship was established in London c 1964, the second in Canada,
    the first being c 1938 near Edmonton Alberta, now defunct. “City of radicals” can
    cover other than birthplace of apparent terrorists. What is odd about this group is
    the diversity of migrant parets home cultures in which they were raised. Certainly
    must wonder who organized them, took advantage of them, not necessarily someone
    who lives here.
    Wish Muslim spokespersons here would speak more to efforts to track down this
    evil person and less to the obvious fact that there are many fine people of that gaith
    to whom this is abhorrent…

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