Local author pens book about Titanic survivor, his great-grandfather

A Bigger World – The Life and Times of William Edwy Ryerson is written by Woodstock author Tom Ryerson.

Ryerson calls the book semi-fiction as he’s talked to family members about his great-grandfather to get as much information as he could and also checked historical records but there were blanks to fill in.

“When my great grandfather died in 1949 he left very little of his life behind;  three photographs and the poignant memories from four of his surviving children,” Ryerson writes in his foreword.

“Ed Ryerson never liked to discuss his life, and I’m sure this tome would have him saying ‘I am not amused.’ Regardless, this book is a labor of love and I’m satisfied that it tells his story in the proper light, facts interspersed with speculation. It’s telling a simple man’s great story.”

The release date is Apr. 2, just in time for the 101st anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic.

With Canada’s connection to this ill-fated ship, the fascination with it never seems to cease.

If you are interested in purchasing the book from the printer’s website, you can click here. http://www.lulu.com/shop/thomas-a-ryerson/a-bigger-world/paperback/product-20942301.html

There is also more information available on Ryerson’s blog, http://a-biggerworld.blogspot.ca/


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