Interviews, egg salad sandwiches and face mask

figure skaters

A ghost appears to go by as Sue Reeve takes a photo of 83-year-old coach Gordon Linney at the World Figure Skating Championships Monday.


The first day of the World Figure Skating Championships ran smoothly at the Western Fair practice rink.

Volunteers were in place, the shuttles were ready, fans had lots of seat choices and there was tons of parking!!

(More importantly, however, was the food provided for the media. I had a lovely egg salad sandwich.)

I did two interviews today with U.S. skaters, Max Aaron and Ross Miner.

The early bird gets the worm, they say, and I was able to do the interviews one-on-one in the mixed zone. I was to the rink by 8 a.m. and there were few media members around then.

In the mixed zone after the practice, where a fence separates the athletes from the rest of the world, it was all  quiet.

This is unusual. At most events, there’s jostling by the media to get close to the boundary. At the 2006 Olympic figure skating competition, you would often be so far away from the athletes you couldn’t even hear them. A communications manager would record the athlete and then walk down the line afterward letting reporters hear what was taped.

I also had a great interview with Gordon Linney, who has been coaching for 56 years. More on him later in the week.

Also today I saw a Japanese TV crew member wearing a face mask inside the rink. I guess it’s a habit.

One more day of practices then the competition begins Wednesday.



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