The world is in London: Welcome

skate photo

I picked up my accreditation Saturday for the World Figure Skating Championships. Practices start bright and early Monday morning.

If you want to watch the skaters, you can do so for $15 at the designated practice rink at Western Fair Sports Centre. The first skaters on the ice start at 8:10 a.m. Be there early though, because there will only be so many spectators allowed.

If you want to watch practices at Budweiser Arena, you will have to pay. Tickets start at $22.

I`ll be doing my blog each day from the championships.

I am also doing stories for The Winnipeg Free Press, The Williston Observer in Vermont and Haaretz, a daily newspaper and online media outlet in Israel.


3 thoughts on “The world is in London: Welcome

  1. Glad to hear you are stringing internationally.
    If nothing else, this has moved our London to brand itself to differentiate us from the
    older one in the UK, an image problem visiting Gov. Simcoe foist on us 220 years ago.
    Not the people’s choice, as there were no people here to know what he was up to…
    “CANADA’S LONDON” is terrific, and hope you can dateline your pieces that way.
    Remember Winnipeg styles itself ‘at the Forks’ too…

    • Entertaining the Skating World,
      Glad you pointed out Winnipeg and its historic forks. Had the pleasure to take a boat tour of the area a few years back. They`ve built their downtown around the forks of the Red and Assiniboine Rivers.

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