Honour the ladies in your life today. It’s International Women’s Day!

It’s a great day to be a woman and celebrate who you are. The rest of the world is celebrating, so go for it.

There are 155 events across Canada celebrating women.

While there are still many parts of the world that have not achieved equality and the fight goes on, there is also much to celebrate in other parts of the globe.

In Canada we could still do more, but I feel very fortunate to be a woman in this country.

International Women’s Day started with a rally when 15,000 women marched through New York City demanding shorter hours, better pay and voting rights. We’ve achieved what these women marched for but in some places women are still paid less than men for doing the same work.

Today, I’d like to hear about the woman in your life. Why is she special?


8 thoughts on “Honour the ladies in your life today. It’s International Women’s Day!

  1. At St. Joe’s recently saw a sign at the gift shop saying
    “Your husband called and you can buy anything you want”
    So domestic equality is not yet achieved even here.
    Women of interest ? Still like the Alberta 5, Good Old Girls
    who with style, wit and expertise opened the Senate of
    Canada to females.

  2. Have trouble with the women’s movement era that undermined the
    men fighting the first World War, and the women who chose to serve,
    some to die, as overseas nursing sister officers and the families they
    left behind.
    Those people didn’t start the war and loved peace as much as these
    feminists, but when their country called they supported it. With rights
    go duties

  3. Gord – maybe you could list the characteristics of a lady who lights up your life.
    Would be really interesting. Don’t need to give her name and embarrass her.
    -Back to the past, let’s hear it for long forgotten Gladys Strum MP Qu’Appelle who
    in 1946 questioned the rule that women in the galleries of the House must cover
    their heads. Speaker looked into it, not written, just good old St. Paul’s influence,
    and visiting ladies could make up their own minds about they dressed to observe
    democracy in action.

  4. Gladys Lamb,, Mrs. Strum, is reported to have said -“I submit to the House,
    that no one has ever objected to women working. The only thing they have
    ever objected to, is paying women for working.” (October 1945).
    I think we should make a real effort to document the women of Canada for
    what they have achieved, little by little, to improve life for families as well
    as their sisters. Too often we read of what Americans did, which may have
    hac no particular effect on us.

  5. The sports reporting field is still a place with few women, although it is changing. I think about the Canadian women, (and have documented other female efforts in this blog) who have fought to get equal pay and equal rights for all of us.
    At the figure skating championships this week, I do expect to see a lot of female reporters, though.
    Happy to give some cyberspace to honour Gladys Lamb Strum.

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