We say eh, use “u” in certain words and are gosh darn polite but where has it gotten us?

I argue that Canadians are incredibly innovated people, particularly our athletes.

But we don’t get the recognition we deserve.

Have a read of my column in last Saturday’s London Free Press and let me know if you agree or disagree.



4 thoughts on “We say eh, use “u” in certain words and are gosh darn polite but where has it gotten us?

  1. This article took some time and research didn’t it. I was standing in a line to board a cruise ship couple weeks ago, couple behind me said ” where is Ontario are you from”, I guess I send excuse me and sorry about 100 times in 5 min. The couple were from Mitchell area and had heard bout us being too polite. &BTW these athletes spend their lives working hard for their community and country, they deserve a lot more than a round of applause and a medal.

  2. Yes Gord. There was lots of research involved but also my love of sports helped a lot as I remember many of these instances and watched them unfold. I know you are a proud Canadian and so am I. Don’t say sorry about saying sorry. Let’s just talk a little louder about all the Canadian accomplishments.
    How was the cruise!?

  3. Wonderfully said. Watching athletes from other, ah, more successful sporting nations, I’ve often cringed at how ugly they seemed in their pursuit of victory. Maybe the podium isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Maybe it’s preferable to win silver – and the admiration of a generation that recognizes that how you get there is often just as important as getting there.

    Lance Armstrong could have used some of this.

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